What is BTS (Biological Testing Services)?
BTS is the exclusive UK service for the leading German micro-biological Dr. Hauss Laboratory, near Hamburg: www.hauss.de. Through BTS this service is now available to practitioners across Great Britain.

Who is operating this service?
The UK principal is Naturopath and Nutritional therapist Jacquie Lane ND, dipNT, NTC, CNHC, lecturer for College of Naturopathic Medicine. All testing is conducted in the German laboratory run by micro-biologist Dr. Reinhard Hauss, PhD, and Dr. Helga Hauss, MD, Dermatology Consultant. In Germany all laboratories are supervised by the health authorities.

What kind of tests can you order?
BTS offers a wide range of mainly micro-biological tests for the practitioner.

From a simple stool sample BTS can test your patients for:

  • intestinal candida and other fungi (a full screen for all yeasts and moulds)
  • pH of the stool (included in the fungal screening)
  • intestinal parasites
  • bacteria in different materials
  • resistance tests for pathogenic bacteria
  • bacteria which cause acute diarrhoea
  • complete status of intestinal colonization (bacteria + fungi)
  • pancreatic function test
  • leaky gut (alpha-1-antitrypsin )
  • intestinal inflammation (Calprotectin)
  • intestinal immune system (sIgA)
  • celiac disease
  • Gliadin sensitivity marker
  • EPX gut allergy marker/IBD therapy success marker
  • skin and nail fungi
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • intestinal bleeding
  • colo-rectal tumour markers  
  • lactose intolerance     
      …..and much more

What does the practitioner get from BTS?
Once your patient’s sample has been received in the lab, a full analysis is prepared and the results are sent to the BTS  who will translate them into English. For example, the full fungal screening (candida and all other yeasts and moulds), will provide you with the stool-pH, a full count of all pathogenic fungi and an analysis for the representative protease to identify if the yeast strain is pathogenic (virulence test). As an additional service a mouth swab is investigated with the stool test free of charge.
You will normally get all these details + individual therapy suggestions + diet + hygiene recommendations for your patient from BTS  within a fortnight after arrival of the sample.

For all questions please contact Jacquie Lane.